New Release: Fallen Star by R. Weir

fallen_star_ebook_cover2C2 Small SizeAuthor R Weir’s new suspense thriller, Fallen Star: The Divine Devils, Book 2 is now available on Amazon in Paperback and eBook formats.

Megan Getz lived the life of a Hollywood star. Her long running sitcom making her a household name. Sweet and innocent in her fan’s eyes, an image she failed to maintain off camera. Living the excesses of Tinseltown until it finally caught up to her. Attempting to cover up her perilous life, her adult indiscretions leading to extortion. Forcing her to seek assistance to be free of the blackmail bonds.

Fresh off their last hair-raising case, Hunter Divine and his team are hired to help her. Going undercover in a Reno casino to flesh out the extortioner. Learning there is more to the gambling mecca and the TV Star, the seemingly simple case exploding all around them. Uncovering drugs, prostitution, murder and mayhem. Hunter’s team embroiled in a hotbed of danger in a doomed attempt to rescue the pretentious Fallen Star. Leading The Divine Devils down a lethal road they may not survive.

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New Release: Mulled to Death by Kate Lansing

MulledToDeathCoverKate Lansing is thrilled to announce the publication of the third book in her Colorado Wine Mystery series, Mulled to Death.

A Valentine’s Day getaway is on the rocks when a young winemaker discovers a body at an alpine resort in this delightful cozy mystery.

When Parker Valentine decides to take a weekend getaway with her boyfriend Reid, a ski trip seems like the perfect choice. Between hitting the slopes and persuading the resort’s wine director to sell her mulled wine, Parker is eager to mix business with pleasure. But her plans are muddled when she finds the resort owner’s body on a treacherous portion of ski trail near the resort.

As a result, not only is Parker’s romantic weekend thrown into chaos, but now that the owner has died, her business deal is due for a frosty reception, and her life might be in danger as well. After a series of unfortunate mishaps befall Parker, she realizes that whoever killed the resort owner might want to tie up loose ends. Parker’s going to need all of the investigative skills at her disposal to catch a killer before they put her on ice.

If you haven’t tried this series yet, pour yourself a glass of wine and get ready for a great read.” –Fresh Fiction

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New Release: The Woman He Used to Know by Helen Starbuck

TheWomanHeUsedToKnow_coverHelen Starbuck’s new suspense novel, The Woman He Used to Know, is now available on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats.

Mistakes, Regrets, and Murder
Denver homicide detective Nick Ryan and Elizabeth Harper have a history of passionate mistakes and broken trust. They haven’t seen each other in five years after she married a man he despised. Now, Oliver Harper is dead, and the evidence points to her as the killer.

The woman Nick used to know wouldn’t have killed anyone. But she’s the prime suspect and has many reasons to want her husband dead. Hasty decisions have brought Nick and Elizabeth to a strange and bloody crossroads. He’s worried his feelings for her will help her get away with murder, and she’s worried they’ll land her in prison.

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Publication News: Francelia Belton in Festive Mayhem 2 anthology

festive+mayhem+2+cover+final+20210906Francelia Belton’s short story, “The Brotherhood of Tricks and Treats,” appears in the anthology, Festive Mayhem 2: Seven Holiday Culinary Cozy Mysteries, released on Oct. 1, 2021.

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, Halloween to New Year’s, cozy mystery fans are bound to find a favorite holiday represented in this limited-time collection of exclusive, never-before-published seasonal short stories.

Bonus recipes are included for each story!

Available at: Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo

In celebration of their new release, the authors are hosting a multi-book giveaway. Visit the Rafflecopter Giveaway page from October 1 through October 29, 2021 to enter for your chance to win.

New Release: Murder at Buckskin Joe by J.v.L. Bell

Murder at Buckskin Joe CoverMurder at Buckskin Joe, book three in J.v.L. Bell’s Colorado Historical Mystery series, released on September 25, 2021.

Territory of Colorado, 1865

Millie knows the raucous mining town of Buckskin Joe is no place for children, but when Dom’s Uncle George shows up needing help, Millie and Dom reluctantly head to South Park. George has been accused of murdering his mining partner, Wandering Will, and Millie soon questions his innocence, although there are many suspects who wanted Will dead.

There’s fancy-girl Queeny, Will’s ex-wife, and dancehall-girl Kate, who wanted to be Will’s next wife—until he dumped her. Mountain man Kootenay despised Will enough to have dispatched him and the Odd Fellows have seized George and Will’s mine, claiming the gold inside is theirs. Even the local lawman might not be trustworthy, although he bakes pies so tasty Millie might kill for them.

Millie’s investigation heats up when Dom volunteers to visit the local saloon for some hands-on investigating of Queeny and Kate. Interruptions from hostile Utes, the children’s devilment, and the local schoolmistress chasing after Dom make this Millie’s most difficult investigation—especially when the killer decides she is getting too close.

Murder at Buckskin Joe weaves a cozy murder mystery with fascinating South Park mining history and lovable, unforgettable historic characters.

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New Release: Driven – A Rita Mars Thriller by Valerie Webster

Driven by Valerie WebsterDriven is Book 1 in the new Rita Mars series by Valerie Webster.

Revenge is an act of passion but vengeance a hunt for justice.

Ex-investigative reporter, Rita Mars, loses an old friend to what appears to be suicide.  She’s convinced he was murdered to cover unethical maneuvers and save reputations in the abyss that is Congress.  Back stabbings inside the beltway sometimes extend beyond metaphorical.  She’s going to butt heads with the local good ole boy authorities and navigate the deliberately stoked smoke screens of the duly elected, but she is never going to give up.

Available on Amazon.

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New Release: Shear Fear by Rhonda Blackhurst

shearfearEBOOKShear Fear, book six in the Melanie Hogan mystery series, will release September 10, 2021.

Melanie Hogan discovers the evils that lurk beneath one’s thirst for power and money. Will her murder be one of them?

Just when salon owner Melanie Hogan thinks her world is back on solid ground, she finds a dead body on her doorstep, and the entire foundation on which she’s built her life begins to crumble. Everything she’s ever known to be true disintegrates as fast as over-processed hair in bleach.

As Melanie’s life unravels and she discovers truths that bring her worst nightmare to life, she finds that sometimes the most beautiful light shines through the cracks of something broken. But can Melanie sort things out and solve the murder before the murderer breaks her?

Available on Amazon.

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New Release: Striking Range by Margaret Mizushima

clb-bookcovers-strikingrange-jktcovStriking Range, book seven in Margaret Mizushima’s Timber Creek K-9 Mysteries, will release September 7, 2021.

In this episode, the past and present collide when Deputy Mattie Cobb and her K-9 partner Robo are torn between investigating her father’s cold case and the death of a young mother.

An ice storm batters the area, taking its toll on the investigative team, while Mattie and Robo search for the woman’s missing infant. 

Striking Range can be found and ordered wherever books are sold.

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New Release: The Bone Field by Debra Bokur

the bone field

Publication date: May 25, 2021 from Kensington Books

The Bone Field (Dark Paradise Mystery #2)

Kali Māhoe, Hawaiian cultural expert and detective with the Maui Police Department, has been called to a bizarre crime scene. In the recesses of a deep trench on Lana’i Island, a derelict refrigerator has been unearthed. Entombed inside are the skeletal remains of someone buried decades ago. Identification is a challenge. The body is headless, the skull replaced with a chilling adornment: a large, ornately carved wooden pineapple.

The old field soon yields more long-buried secrets, and Kali is led along an increasingly winding path that brings to light an unlikely suspect, an illegal cock-fighting organization, and a strange symbol connected to a long-disbanded religious cult. Her task is to dispel the dark shadows lingering over the Palawai Basin plains, and to solve a puzzle that no one wants exposed by the bright, hot tropical light.


To discover the answer, Kali will be drawn deeper in the mysteries of the island’s ancient legends—stories that tell of an enraged rooster god and man-eating monsters. For Kali, a detective of sound logic and reason, it’s not easy to consider the unknown for explanations for what appears to be a series of illogical links in a twisting chain of deadly events. Or safe. Because the dormant pineapple fields of Lana’i have yet to give up their darkest and most terrifying secrets.

Please join Debra for the outdoor launch party for THE BONE FIELD on June 5 from 7:30 to 9:00 pm at the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, co-hosted by Boulder Bookstore. Live ukulele music, plus a performance of hula dancing, Polynesian drumming, and a Fire Knife Dance by the Kalama Polynesian Dancers. Books for sale, Hawaiian-themed giveaways, cash bar. To comply with Boulder County Covid tracking, guests must pre-register at the Dairy Arts Center website at

“Wonderfully atmospheric…immersive, thoroughly researched tale of mystery and mythology that will enlighten as well as entertain.” – Criminal Element

“Nimbly contrasts the Hawaii of sun and golden beaches with its less well-known underbelly of poverty, discrimination, and crime. Fans of strong female cops will look forward to Kali’s further adventures.” —Publishers Weekly

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New Release: Punning with Scissors by Becky Clark

Punning With Scissors 300x464

Publication date: May 11, 2021 from Kensington

Punning with Scissors (A Crossword Puzzle Mystery Book 2) by Becky Clark

Quinn Carr has been quietly creating crosswords for the Chestnut Station Chronicle in her small Colorado town since she was in high school, but she has yet to solve the puzzle of how to make a living from her passion. So she lives with her parents and works at the local diner, catering to regulars like The Retireds, a charming if cantankerous crew of elderly men. The most recent member to join the group is a recently retired tailor, the unfortunately named Hugh Pugh.
But Hugh’s misfortune dramatically increases when he’s arrested for stabbing his husband with a pair of fabric shears. With a cryptic crossword clue left at the crime scene, Quinn seems tailor-made for solving this murder. The local police may be determined to pin the crime on the kindly tailor, but Quinn will use her penchant for puzzles and what her therapist calls her “obsessive coping mechanism” to get the clues to line up and catch the real culprit—before the killer boxes her in. . . .

Includes original crossword puzzles!

What people are saying…

• Was already a fan of Becky Clark’s Mystery Writer Series and now I’m a fan of the Crossword Puzzle Mysteries too! Highly engaging characters, setting, and plot with LOTS of humor and heart.

• In a year full of heaviness, I think cozy mysteries are a great escape. Puzzling Ink is a fun escape for a few hours, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Quinn is up to in her next crossword puzzle adventure.

• I love the Mystery Writer’s Mystery series from this writer, and this series is starting off a winner just like that series. It was so funny, and I did find myself laughing out loud in parts. There’s just something so fun about her writing style!

Punning With Scissors

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