Cover Reveal: Hunting the Truth by Kathleen Donnelly

Kathleen Donnelly is excited to reveal the cover of the second book in her National Forest K-9 series, Hunting The Truth.

Coming from Carina Press September 26, 2023

“Hide, Maya. Don’t let the bad people find you.”

Those are the last words Forest Service law enforcement officer and K-9 handler Maya Thompson ever heard her mother say.

Returning to the Colorado mountains, ex-soldier Maya is no longer a scared little girl. She’s here to investigate her mother’s cold case, but fear creeps in when it comes to her personal life—things are getting serious with sheriff deputy Josh Colten.

After new DNA evidence surfaces, both her beloved grandfather and Josh warn her away from the case, suspecting that she could be the next victim. But Maya doesn’t listen.

Instead, Maya and her K-9 partner, Juniper, track a suspect deep into the forest and directly into grave danger…

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On Sale: The Past Came Hunting by Donnell Ann Bell

Donnell Bell’s award-winning book The Past Came Hunting is on sale for $0.99 November 1-15 at all digital outlets.

Fifteen years ago a young Colorado Springs police officer arrested a teen runaway accused of aiding a convenience store robbery and attempted murder. She was innocent, but still served prison time briefly. Her testimony sent the real thief to jail for much longer. Now she’s a young widow raising a son, and the man she put in prison is free and seeking revenge. She moves to a home in a new neighborhood—then learns that her next-door neighbor is the by-the-book officer who arrested her. Now he’s a Colorado Springs P.D. Lieutenant. Like it or not, he may be the only one who can protect her and her son from the past he helped create.

Upcoming Release and Book Signing: Dead and Gondola by Ann Claire

Dead and Gondola releases November 1st.

In this series debut, a mysterious bookshop visitor dies under murderous circumstances, compelling the Christie sisters and their cat, Agatha, to call on all they’ve learned about solving mysteries from their favorite novelist.

Ellie Christie is thrilled to begin a new chapter. She’s recently returned to her tiny Colorado hometown to run her family’s historic bookshop with her elder sister, Meg, and their beloved cat, Agatha. Perched in a Swiss-style hamlet accessible by ski gondola and a twisty mountain road, the Book Chalet is a famed bibliophile destination known for its maze of shelves and relaxing reading lounge. At least, until trouble blows in with a wintry whiteout. A man is found dead on the gondola, and a rockslide throws the town into lockdown—no one in, no one out.

The victim was a mysterious stranger who’d visited the bookshop. At the time, his only blunders had been disrupting a book club and leaving behind a first-edition Agatha Christie novel, written under a pseudonym. However, once revealed, the man’s identity shocks the town. Motives and secrets swirl like the snow, but when the police narrow in on the sisters’ close friends, the Christies have to act.

Although the only Agatha in their family tree is their cat, Ellie and Meg know a lot about mysteries and realize they must summon their inner Miss Marple to trek through a blizzard of clues before the killer turns the page to their final chapter.

Publication News: Francelia Belton in Festive Mayhem 3 anthology

Francelia Belton’s short story, “Black Easter,” appears in the anthology Festive Mayhem 3, released October 24, 2022. This limited-edition collection includes brand-new stories set throughout the year, as well as some reissued seasonal favorites. Whether you enjoy humorous cozy mysteries with plucky amateur sleuths, or hard-boiled noir starring gritty private investigators, this anthology is for you.

Available at: Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo

Francelia Belton is also being interviewed on KUVO Jazz, Denver 89.3 FM on Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 8:30 am MST. She will be talking about her story, “Dreaming of Ella” published in Denver Noir. Fellow SinCO-CO sibling, Patricia Raybon, will discuss her Annalee Spain mystery series, and Robert Justice (They Can’t Take Your Name) will also join in a Five Points Author Collective feature. You can tune in via the website or KUVO app.

Upcoming Release: Merry Little Mysteries: A Holiday Cozy & Historical Mystery Anthology

Merry Little Mysteries contains Sisters in Crime – CO member, Donna Schlachter’s short story A Mistletoe Mystery.

Can sisters Holly and Ivy Christmas discover who seeded their spruce trees with dwarf mistletoe? And are the neighboring ranch brothers, Tom and Bob Jolly, behind this? Or victims as well?

The anthology releases November 1st.

Upcoming Release: Dark of Night by Barbara Nickless

A recent murder is ancient history in a breathtaking novel about a sacred lost treasure and poisonous retribution by the Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of At First Light.

What an exotic way to die in Chicago.

When esteemed historian Elizabeth Lawrence is found in her car, killed by a cobra’s bite, only a brilliant professor of semiotics, Dr. Evan Wilding, can see the signs around her strange death. As he helps homicide detective Addie Bisset decipher the scene, the puzzles left behind offer Evan chilling passage into the mind of a killer.

Evan’s investigation merges with that of an Israeli agent, who claims Elizabeth was close to acquiring an invaluable artifact. She was also drawing the attention of unsavory treasure hunters, forgers, and thieves. Was someone desperate to expose the truth of Elizabeth’s astonishing discovery?

The deeper Evan and Addie delve into the case, the darker it gets. A murderer’s archaic crimes are just the beginning. In a race where there can be only one winner, the final victim might be Evan.

Dark of Night releases November 15th.

The Fire Thief by Debra Bokur

The Fire Thief (A Dark Paradise Mystery Book 1) E-book is on sale for $0.99 until November 1st!

The scenery may be beautiful, but dangerous secrets are buried beneath paradise in this first thriller featuring Maui detective Kali Māhoe.
Under a promising morning sky, police captain Walter Alaka’i discovers the body of a teenage surfer bobbing among the lava rocks of Maui’s southeastern shore. Closer inspection reveals something far more sinister than the results of a savage wave gone wrong. Now that Alaka’i is looking at a homicide, he solicits the help of his niece, Detective Kali Māhoe.
Kali sees evidence of a strange ritual murder, a suspicion reinforced by a rash of sightings of a noppera-bō—a faceless and malicious spirit many believe to be more than superstition. When a grisly sacrifice is left on the doorstep of a local, and another body washes ashore, Kali fears that the deadly secret ceremonies on Maui are just beginning. As the skies above Maui grow darker, and as she balances reason and superstition, Kali can only wonder: Who’ll be the next to die? And who—or what—is she even on the trail of?

Sold at all major retailers.

Upcoming Release: The Code by Ann Dominguez

Dr. Kate Deming has spent four brutal years working in a Chicago ER, swinging back and forth from tragedy at work to guilt for what she’s missing at home. The prescription is a new job that will allow more time with her growing daughters: an eight-year-old wannabe pirate planning to run away to the high seas, and a twelve-year old expert in eye-rolling and sarcasm who is the star of her middle school’s new Code Breaking team. 

When a sophisticated ransomware attack paralyzes the hospital’s electronic medical record, the hospital pinpoints Kate’s computer as the electronic gateway. She thinks it’s a misdiagnosis until the FBI raids their apartment and arrests her husband, whose home tech support now appears all but benign. 

Meanwhile, her daughter’s classmate overdoses to get away from a sextortion scheme that her daughter knows too much about.  

Can Kate crack the code before another child gets hurt? 

The Code, Book 3 in the Kate Deming Suspense series, will be released on October 7, 2022, and is available for pre-order now.

Cover Reveal: The First Fiancée by Rita A. Popp

Cover Reveal: The First Fiancée: A Bethany Jarviss Mystery by Rita A. Popp

Rita Popp is excited to reveal the cover of her debut novel, The First Fiancée: A Bethany Jarviss Mystery, due out from The Wild Rose Press on December 14, 2022. In this classic whodunit, the discovery of human bones near a remote New Mexico mountain village sets a worried sister on a treacherous path to solve a murder. Bethany Jarviss fears her sister’s fiancé killed the long-missing young woman. He was first engaged to her and swears he thought she left him to pursue a singing career. News of the murder swirls as the newly engaged couple get set to open their bed-and-breakfast inn right before Christmas. Bethany, who once solved the murder of a college girl, gives in to her sister’s pleas to investigate this case. Soon she meets many locals besides her future brother-in-law who had motives for killing his beautiful, thieving, secretive first fiancée.

The First Fiancée will be available to order in e-book and trade paperback from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, The Wild Rose Press Bookstore, and other retailers.

For more information about Rita, visit

Eight Weeks to a Complete Novel by Becky Clark

This award-winning book is on sale for $0.99 until September 26th!

Want to speed up your writing process and complete a top-notch novel in only two months?

Do you stare at your computer screen, unable to make progress on your word count? Do you feel like all you do is spin your wheels when you sit down to write? Do you talk about your novel more than you work on it? Are you discouraged because of your slow progress? Does the idea of writing a novel seem impossible and daunting?

If you’ve thought any of this, then Eight Weeks to a Complete Novel might be exactly what you need. How?

• By showing you how to create a flexible outline you can live with, even if you hate outlines with an intensity usually reserved for walking into a spider web.
• By teaching you tips and tricks to speed up your writing each and every time you sit down to work on your novel.
• By helping you organize yourself and your writing space.
• By coaching you to devise your own unique, reliable system to get you from premise to THE END in eight short weeks, every single time.

Eight Weeks to a Complete Novel offers solid information in an entertaining, easy-to-digest form, leaving you confident and optimistic with new skills and ideas to make your writing dreams come true.

Career writers must produce completed novels at a dizzying speed, and you can learn the secret to joining their ranks, by adapting the Eight Weeks formula to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Don’t waste another minute! Learn veteran author Becky Clark’s tried-and-true techniques to become the confident, prolific writer you’ve always dreamed of. Buy Eight Weeks to a Complete Novel now!