2020 Publications from Sisters in Crime-Colorado

1/6 Justified Secrets (Whispering Pines #9) by Shawn McGuire

2/24 Murder at the Marlowe Club (Milliner Mysteries #2) by Kate Parker

2/25 The Forge of Bonds (Jason Lex series #4) by Wendy Terrien

4/1 The Burn Patient (Vega and Middleton Mysteries #3) by Sue Hinkin

4/6 Title Forthcoming (Whispering Pines novella #9.5) by Shawn McGuire

5/4 Title Forthcoming (Whispering Pines #10) by Shawn McGuire

5/22 Read or Alive (Bookmobile Mysteries #3) by Nora Page

5/26 Killer Chardonnay  (Colorado Wine Mysteries #1) by Kate Lansing

5/26 The Study of Secrets (Lila Maclean Academic Mysteries #5) by Cynthia Kuhn

6/1 Dead Ringer (Thorne’s Thorns Book #2) by K.L. Docter

6/1 Revelation (Makah Mysteries #1) by Amy Drayer

6/2 Gone to Darkness (Sydney Parnell #4) by Barbara Nickless

7/28 Witches and Wedding Cake (Magical Bakery Mystery #9) by Bailey Cates

9/1 Title Forthcoming (Whispering Pines #11) by Shawn McGuire

9/8 Hanging Falls (Timber Creek Canine Mysteries #6) by Margaret Mizushima