2019 Publications from Sisters in Crime-Colorado

1/9 Shear Murder by Rhonda Blackhurst (Melanie Hogan #4)

3/4 Run For The Hills by Jodi Burnett (Flint River #1)

3/6 Shadows from the Past by Rebecca Grace (audio book)

3/19 Ambush by Barbara Nickless (Sydney Parnell #3)

3/22 Deadly Deception by Kate Parker (Deadly Series #4)

3/22 Lump: A Collection of Short Stories by Claire L. Fishback

4/1 Low Country Blood by Sue Hinkin (Vega and Middleton #2)

4/8 Foul Play on Words by Becky Clark (Mystery Writers’ Mystery #2)

5/8 Better off Read by Nora Page (Bookmobile Mystery #2)

5/1 “The Blue Ribbon” by Cynthia Kuhn in Mystery Most Edible

6/21 The Blood of Seven by Claire L. Fishback (Origin Codex #1)

6/30 In the Money by Leeann Betts (By the Numbers #10)

7/16 The Body in Griffith Park by Jennifer Kincheloe (Anna Blanc #3)

7/23 The Subject of Malice by Cynthia Kuhn (Lila Maclean Academic Mystery #4)

11/12 Tracking Game by Margaret Mizushima (Timber Creek K-9 Mystery #5)