New Release: Lump – A Collection by Claire L. Fishback

Now available: Lump – A Collection of Short Stories 

In these pages you’ll find Lump, a tortured soul who only wants one thing. You’ll find a recording of the future, a cult that worships tools, faces in windows, haunted mirrors and doors. You’ll find a hotel in which time is of no consequence. It’s a book where the spare parts store isn’t what you think, and an auction is for more than just the deceased’s estate. It’s a book full of creatures and beasts of all shapes and sizes, as well as a few aliens. This is a book in which you can swap your brain into a new body and live forever, and if you have dementia, you can close your eyes and remember. It’s a book full of stories to fill the silences.

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About the author:
Claire L. Fishback lives in Morrison, Colorado with her loving husband, Tim, and their pit bull mix, Belle. Writing has been her passion since age six. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys mountain biking, hiking, running, baking, and adding to her bone collection, though she would rather be stretched out on the couch with a good book (or poking dead things with sticks). Please visit

Event: April Book Club

The Sisters in Crime-CO Book Club April reads include The Spirit in Question by Cynthia Kuhn (Parker) and Burning Ridge by Margaret Mizushima (Fort Collins).

Free and open to the public. Just read the book of the month and come ready to chat with the author and other readers!

Please RSVP at our chapter Meetup! For more information, including specific dates, times, and locations, please visit

Hope you can join us, and bring your friends!

Field Trip: Tour the CBI Crime Lab

Sisters in Crime-Colorado Chapter has scheduled a field trip to Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) Crime Lab! It is at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 9, 2019.

Please note: This is a members only event. If you are interested in joining the Sisters in Crime-Colorado chapter, please find us here:

Sisters-in-Crime will tour the lab, learning about the collection, preservation, and analysis of crime scene evidence.  Functions of the crime lab include:

  • Forensic Biology-analysis of body fluids / genetic material used for identification purposes
  • DNA
  • Fingerprints
  • Impression evidence, including footwear and tire tracks
  • Firearms evidence
  • Toolmarks- comparison of a specific weapon/tool to evidence found at the crime scene
  • Trace Chemistry- analysis of gunshot residue, fire debris, tape, textile fibers, metals, etc.
  • Toxicology- analysis of biological fluids for the presence of drugs/alcohol/poison

We will meet several experts across various disciplines with ample opportunities to ask questions.

A maximum of 30 people may attend so you MUST sign up in advance to ensure your spot. Please RSVP at:

The Crime Lab address/location is available through the chapter’s yahoo group listserv.

Please note: This is a members only event. If you are interested in joining the Sisters in Crime-Colorado chapter, please find us here:

Publication News: Kate Lansing

Kate Lansing’s KILLER CHARDONNAY, the first book in the Vino Valentine cozy mystery series, where the owner of a newly opened winery expertly pairs wine with solving murders in the picturesque town of Boulder, CO, was acquired by Miranda Hill at Berkley in a three-book deal.

Congratulations, Kate!