New Release: Winter Haven: Bobcat in the Trees by Charlie Avera and Pam Shanahan

The legendary Detective Brad Sanders left the high-stress meat-grinder of the Philadelphia Police Department to fill the vacant lead detective job in the quiet ski town of Winter Haven high in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.  It is another beautiful Christmas season in Winter Haven and sharing it with his wife Linda is magical.  But Brad is about to find out that after three years of enjoying life in the slow lane, Winter Haven is not insulated from intrigue and crime.  The peaceful resort town is shattered by a suspicious death on the Bobcat ski run high above the small town.  Brad and his partner, John Lambert, follow clues to solve the mystery of why an out-of-state corporate VIP is found dead on the challenging ski slope. Available through Amazon.

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Charlie Avera is an avid skier living outside of Denver, Colorado.  His skiing experiences provided the inspiration for the first novel in the Winter Haven series, Bobcat in the Trees.  Charlie earned his business degree in 1986 and then began a 34-year career as a computer programmer.  In 2006 he earned his master’s degree in Computer Information Technology. 

In 1992 he moved his family from Michigan to Colorado where he still lives. When he was sixty years old his daughter asked him if he wanted to try skiing just once.  From his first day on the slopes, Charlie’s love for this sport skyrocketed, and now his only regret is that he did not begin twenty years earlier.  Throughout his career, Charlie wrote boring technical program documentation. Now he enjoys writing for a different audience, and has published a short book about learning to ski later in life, perseverance, and other events that helped shape his adult life. His book is called Miles on the Mountain: Skiing at Sixty-Four and Other Adventures

Winter Haven: Bobcat in the Trees is his first full-length work.

Pam Shanahan is a life-long mystery reader and lover.  She has read hundreds of cozy murder mysteries and understands what makes these novels a good read or a snoozer.  Having spent forty years working as a respiratory therapist, business analyst, and software programmer, she has a keen knack for finding subtle mistakes in manuscripts and plots. Now that she is retired, she enjoys cooking, creating custom greeting cards, and teaching water aerobics.  She also has a thirst for developing mystery plots and dreams of traveling to exotic places.

Event: April 2022 Book Club

April SinC Book ClubsThe Sisters in Crime-CO Book Club April 2022 reads are The Mermaid Broker by Sue Hinkin (Longmont), Renegade by Jodi Burnett (Fort Collins), and Crime and Passion: Three Short Stories by Francelia Belton (Parker).

Free and open to the public. Come chat with the author and other readers! And if you don’t have a chance to read the book, that’s quite all right. Many times we discuss craft and the publishing process as well as the book, so all are welcome!

PLEASE NOTE: During the current coronavirus situation, our book clubs are meeting online via Zoom. Sisters in Crime-Colorado members can get the link to the Zoom meeting on the chapter listserv. Non-members may request the meeting link by filling out the form on our Connect page.

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Upcoming New Release: Toes on the Dash by Karen Whalen

The first book in the Tow Truck Murder Mystery series, Toes on the Dash, will be released on April 25!

Super-feminine and confirmed shoe-a-holic Delaney Morran receives an unexpected inheritance—the keys to a tow truck from a dad she’s never known. Even though she hasn’t changed a tire, or even driven any kind of a truck, she’s determined to make the rough and dangerous business a success. When she hauls a vehicle with the body of her jerk-of-an ex hidden in the trunk, the small-town cops in Spruce Ridge, Colorado do not believe this a coincidence. They have her in their headlights as the prime suspect. When the news hits, her business stalls. As a woman trying to make a living in a man’s world, she drives her rig in four-inch-heels to set herself apart. But she must toughen up her image and solve the crime or she’ll end up parked in jail.

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New Release: The Woman from Planet X: A Hilarious Cozy Mystery (A Wits’ End Cozy Mystery Book 6) by Kirsten Weiss

All Susan wants is some well-deserved R&R in small town Nowhere, Nevada, home to the world’s biggest collection of the world’s biggest things. But when she discovers a murdered mystery knitter who’s been planting her creations around town, Susan, her boyfriend Arsen, and her dog Bailey are on the case.

These wacky amateur detectives will have to untangle this big mystery and fast. Because big trouble is on their tail. And if they don’t unravel the truth, a friend-in-need may wind up in jail.

The Woman from Planet X is book six in the laugh-out-loud Wits’ End mystery series. A fast-paced and funny cozy mystery, packed with quirky characters, pets, and murder, it’s perfect for fans of Jana DeLeon, Janet Evanovich, and Donna Andrews.

Beam up this hilarious cozy mystery and start reading now!

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