New Cover Reveals: Annie Collins Mysteries by Helen Starbuck

Sisters in Crime – CO member, Helen Starbuck is pleased to reveal the new covers of her award-winning Annie Collins Mystery Series.

The Mad Hatter’s Son (Book 1)

Friends change, love betrays, and the end results are never what you anticipate.

Reluctantly cajoled into helping an old friend find the cause of her puzzling symptoms, Operating Room Nurse Annie Collins, is drawn into the chaos of a life that has derailed. Libby Matheisen’s doctors and her husband Edward think her symptoms are the result of a miscarriage. Libby is sure they aren’t and wants Annie’s help to discover what’s wrong. As the situation becomes more dire and her suspicions grow, Annie begins to wonder if Libby is really ill or if there is more to the story. Annie’s search for the truth doesn’t come without a heavy price.

Decisions, like rocks thrown into a lake, can ripple far and alter lives forever. A gripping story of how far one woman will go for an old friend, and the first installment in the National Indie Excellence award-winning and critically acclaimed, Annie Collins Mystery Series.

Parker Book Club: The Code by Ann Dominguez

Join us on Wednesday, December 21st at 7 pm on Zoom to talk about Ann Dominguez’s book The Code (Book Three of the Kate Deming Suspense Series).

Dr. Kate Deming has spent four brutal years working in a Chicago ER, swinging back and forth from tragedy at work to guilt for what she’s missing at home. The prescription is a new job that will allow more time with her growing daughters: an eight-year-old pirate wannabe planning to run away to the high seas, and a twelve-year old expert in eye-rolling and sarcasm who is the star of her middle school’s new Code Breaking team.

When a sophisticated ransomware attack paralyzes the hospital’s electronic medical record, the hospital pinpoints Kate’s computer as the cyber gateway. She thinks it’s a misdiagnosis until the FBI raids their apartment and arrests her husband, whose home tech support now appears all but benign.

Meanwhile, her twelve year-old daughter’s classmate overdoses to get away from a sextortion scheme that her daughter knows too much about.

Can Kate crack the code before another child gets hurt?

Award Winner: Dark Obsessions by Marie Sutro

Dark Obsessions by Sisters in Crime – CO member, Marie Sutro won Best Suspense Novel for Authors on the Air 2022 Book of the Year award. Congratulations, Marie!


Reeling from the trauma of her last case, SFPD Detective Kate Barnes heads to the Olympic Peninsula hoping to heal the present by resolving the past. When the ravaged corpse of an unidentified teen is discovered, her search for personal peace takes a back seat to the quest for justice.

As Kate digs deeper, she discovers the victim was not the only one who had been taken against her will. Racing against the clock to rescue the remaining girls, she uncovers a complex series of ever-increasing horrors. In the darkest corners of Washington state, Kate Barnes will come face-to-face with an adversary so ruthless and powerful that it will take everything she has to save herself, let alone the girls.