Chapter meetings, workshops, and book club are free for members. Field trips vary in cost, and there is an additional fee of $10 for non-members (the amount will count toward your dues if you decide to join the chapter the day of the field trip). Please see individual announcements for particulars.

Book Club


October 21, 2023 Chapter Meeting

August 5, 2023 Chapter Meeting

June 3, 2023 Chapter Meeting

February 4, 2023 Chapter Meeting: Melissa Robbins, Finding and Wrangling Historical Research for Your Writing & J.T. Evans, Writing Believable Fight Scenes


November 12, 2022
Chapter Meeting:  Jenny Kate, Marketing for Authors & Clint Blackhurst, True Community Policing

August 13, 2022
Chapter Meeting: Pam McCutcheon, How to Write a Synopsis & Michael Chandos, In Character Workshop: The Life and Writing of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

June 11, 2022
Chapter Meeting: Carly Stevens, “Editing Fiction for Content” & Brooke Terpening, “Being a Mitigation Attorney and Saving Someone from the Death Penalty”

February 12, 2022
Chapter Meeting:  Shannon Lawrence, “Exploring Short Stories”  & Sue Kraus, “What I Learned in Jail”


November 6, 2021
Chapter Meeting: Alexia Gordon, “Setting” & Mandy Miller, “Writing the Law: A Guide to Avoiding Landmines”

October 9, 2021
Event: A Day with Author Ellen Byron

August 14, 2021
Chapter Meeting: Becky Clark, “8 Weeks to a Complete Novel” & Tracy Brisendine, “So You Found A Body, Now What?”

June 19, 2021
Chapter Meeting: Stephanie West Allen, “A Season to Play Mindfully, Write Miraculously” & Lisa N. Provost, “CSI: The Real Story (Not That TV Show)”

February 27, 2021
Chapter Meeting: Self-Publishing in 2021 – Tips for Finding Success in the World of Self-Publishing with Victorine Lieske

November 7, 2020
Chapter Meeting: Stant Litore: “Beating Writer’s Block”

August 8, 2020
Chapter Meeting: 14 Tips for Writing Suspense with National Sisters in Crime President Lori Rader-Day

June 6, 2020
Chapter Meeting: Paulette K. Kinnes: “From Manuscript To Masterpiece©”

February 1, 2020
Chapter Meeting: Social Media 101: A Tutorial for Authors & NecroSearch International: Murder, Mayhem and Mysteries

November 16, 2019
Chapter Meeting: Maria Heater & Andrew Traver: Stand Out Submissions: What Makes a Literary Agent Say “Yes” (or at the very least, “Maybe”) & True Crimes and Presumptions of Guilt 

August 17, 2019
Chapter Meeting: Shawn McGuire & Sandra Murphy: “Creating Complex Characters” and “The Craft of Writing Q&A/Brainstorming Session”

July 25, 2019
Field Trip: Colorado Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab Tour

June 8, 2019
Chapter Meeting: Kathy Fish: “Setting the Tone: Skills to Borrow from the Flash Fiction Toolbox” and Laura Manuel: “Underutilized Forensic Evidence in Fiction”

May 9, 2019
Field Trip: Colorado Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab Tour

February 9, 2019
Chapter Meeting: Literary Salon and Catherine Spader, “The Nuts and Bolts of Blood and Guts for Writers”

Nov 17, 2018
Chapter Meeting: Barbara Nickless, “Nail Your Research: A Writer’s Guide to Disasters, Drug Dens and Other Surprising Sources” and Jennifer Kincheloe, “Behind Bars: What it’s Like to Be an Inmate, Deputy, or Research Scientist in the Denver County Jails”

Aug 11, 2018
Chapter Meeting: Bernadette Marie, “Writing a Successful Series” and Tan Smith, “Interviewing without a Badge”

July 14, 2018
Event: “A Day with Author Nancy Pickard”

February 24, 2018
Chapter Meeting: Laura DiSilverio, “No Pain, No Gain: Increasing Conflict In Your Story,” and Mark Pfoff, “The Groomer: The Story of Ronald Stanley and Those Who Brought Him to Justice”

February 9-12, 2018
American Library Association Midwinter Meeting

January 27, 2018
Kickoff Party

October 28, 2017
Chapter Meeting: Peg Brantley, Cynthia Kuhn, Margaret Mizushima: “Writing Compelling Characters”; J.A. Kazimer, Andrea Orozco, Tan Smyth: ““Private Eye Stories and Secrets”

September 16, 2017
Sisters in Crime 30th Anniversary Celebration

August 5, 2017
Chapter Meeting:  Becky Clark, Karen Docter, Rebecca Martinez: “Take Two Beckys and Call Your Docter: Plotting Panel” and Elli Reid, “Human Trafficking 101 and Then Some”

June 10, 2017
Chapter Meeting: Bree Weber, “The ABCs of Author Branding”; Sandra Murphy, “Giving Your Book A Voice”; and Robert Toth, “Anatomy of an Arson”

February 11, 2017
Chapter Meeting: Sami Lien, “PR 101: Promoting and Branding Your Book to The Masses,” and Tracy Brisendine, “Homicide for Writers, Not Criminals”

January 14, 2017
Kickoff Party

November 12, 2016
Chapter Meeting:  Susan Medina, Communications Director for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation

October 15, 2016
Field Trip: The Clue Room

August 27, 2016
Field Trip: Sherlock Hounds Detection Canines, “The Power of a Drug Dog’s Nose”

July 30, 2016
Workshop: L.S. Hawker, “Book Trailers as Marketing Tools”

July 9, 2016
Chapter Meeting: Denny Moses, “Firearms: What Crime Writers Should Know”

June 25, 2016
Workshop: Donnell Ann Bell, “Networking”

April 24, 2016
Chapter Meeting: Jordyn Redwood, “Top Ten Medical Pitfalls When Killing Your Characters”

March 29, 2016
Free Event: Mystery, Murder, and Mayhem Crime Panel, featuring Sisters in Crime-Colorado members Peg Brantley, Karen Docter, Ann Dominguez, Becky Martinez, and Jools Sinclair, and Francelia Belton

January 9, 2016
Chapter Meeting: Pete Klismet, “Criminal Profiling”

December 5, 2015
Field Trip: The International Exhibit of Sherlock Holmes and The Power of Poison at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

November 14, 2015
Free Event: Insider’s Guide to Novel Writing, Publishing, and Promotion, featuring Sisters in Crime-Colorado members Catherine Dilts, M.L. Rowland, and Chris Goff

October 3, 2015
Chapter Meeting: Dr. Laurie Sperry, “Let’s Talk Stalking”