New Release: The Spirit in Question by Cynthia Kuhn

Now available: The Spirit in Question
(Lila Maclean Academic Mysteries #3)

English professor Lila Maclean knew drama would be involved when she agreed to consult on Stonedale University’s production of Puzzled: The Musical. But she didn’t expect to find herself cast into such chaos: the incomprehensible play is a disaster, the crumbling theater appears to be haunted, and, before long, murder takes center stage.

The show must go on—yet as they speed toward opening night, it becomes clear that other members of the company may be targeted as well. Lila searches for answers while contending with a tenacious historical society, an eccentric playwright, an unsettling psychic, an enigmatic apparition, and a paranormal search squad. With all of this in play, will she be able to identify who killed her colleague…or will it soon be curtains for Lila too?

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About the author:
Cynthia Kuhn is professor of English at Metropolitan State University of Denver and president of Sisters in Crime-Colorado. For more information, please visit

Publication: Catherine Dilts

Catherine Dilts has a short story included in the anthology Blood and Gasoline, released July 10, 2018. Catherine’s tale “Do-Over” is probably the most tame entry in a collection described by John Hartness as Mad Max meets Sons of Anarchy.

Catherine is delighted to show her diverse abilities as her novel release this month has a cute kitty on the cover and, unlike “Do-Over,” contains no cussing or gore.

New Release: Shopping Cart Annie by Cordy Fitzgerald

New Release:  Shopping Cart Annie by Cordy Fitzgerald

Excerpt from Kirkus Reviews-: “…In 2009, Denver native Dr. Inez Buchanan, a former middle school teacher doesn’t know Dolly David, who shows up at her door, saying that she needs Inez’s help finding her granddaughter. (After all, Inez once played a part in thwarting a Chinese espionage plot.) Dolly says that her granddaughter, Kadija Campbell, disappeared 14 years ago in Fort Collins, Colorado, and would now be in her mid-30s. She now has reason to believe that Kadija is in Afghanistan with a Taliban husband, but U.S. government agencies have disregarded her pleas for help…. The author addresses racism as a prominent, ongoing theme; there’s the implication, for example, that an American agency considers people of color, like the African-American Inez, to be expendable. But the richest element of this novel is Inez herself, who’s memorable for her faults as well as her achievements; her conjectures aren’t always accurate and she owns up to her mistakes, which makes her not only a credible character, but a commendable one, as well.

A twisty mystery featuring a bright, if fallible, investigator.”

About the author:
Cordy Fitzgerald has lived longer in Denver than in Washington, D.C., where she was born in 1943. She has two grown sons, a daughter-in-law, a granddaughter, and a Ph.D. in Education Administration. Her life-long love of stories about U.S. spies and espionage activity continue to give her a tremendous pride and confidence in this country.

New Release: Lost Things by Ann Dominguez

Available Now: Lost Things by Ann Dominguez

Book Two in the Kate Deming Suspense Series

Dr. Kate Deming is now an emergency medicine intern at a busy Chicago hospital. Between the drug epidemic and staff shortages, tensions in the emergency department run high. Kate befriends a homeless veteran who lives in her alley, but she can’t tell which of the voices he hears are real. When he disappears from the ED during a treatment, Kate’s search for him pulls her into a thirty year-old vendetta and jeopardizes her job, her marriage and her life.

About the author:
Ann Dominguez is a writer, doctor, and mom of four. She loves to read and run and dreams of finishing a cup of tea before it gets cold.

New Release: Wishing Caswell Dead by Pat Stoltey

Pat Stoltey’s historical mystery, Wishing Caswell Dead, is scheduled for release from Five Star/Cengage Frontier Fiction on December 20, 2017.

In the early 1800s in a village on the Illinois frontier, young Jo Mae Proud wishes her cruel brother dead. Forced into prostitution by Caswell, Jo Mae discovers she is pregnant and vows to escape. When Caswell is injured by a near lightning hit, he becomes more dangerous, and more hated. The flawed residents of the Village of Sangamon harbor many secrets. Caswell knows them all. Will he tell? Jo Mae runs away and eventually finds shelter with Fish, the old Kickapoo Indian who camps by the river. Wishing Caswell Dead is a historical mystery about the evil that hides within a village, one girl who is determined to save herself and her child, and a violent murder no one wants to solve.

Publishers Weekly described Wishing Caswell Dead as “a worthy historical” with characters that are “surprisingly complicated” and “wonderfully individual.”

About the Author:
Pat (aka Patricia) Stoltey is the author of two amateur sleuth mysteries and a thriller in addition to this new historical mystery. She lives in Northern Colorado with her husband Bill, Sassy Dog, and Katie Cat. Wishing Caswell Dead is available for pre-order in hardcover and ebook at most bookstores and online booksellers.

New Release: The Mad Hatter’s Son by Helen Starbuck

Friends change, love betrays, and the end results are never what you anticipate. Annie Collins is an OR nurse unwillingly drawn into the chaos of a friend’s life. Annie’s longstanding friendship with Libby Crowder deteriorated after Libby met Edward Matheisen and ended when she married him. When Libby reconnects with her four years later, she cajoles Annie into caring for her to help identify the cause of her puzzling symptoms. Is Libby actually ill or is this a bid for attention from her husband and those around her? When a close friend of Libby’s is severely beaten and dies from the injuries, Annie begins to fear for Libby, who she knows has secrets she’s not telling her. In the face of Libby’s so-called suicide, Annie struggles with her guilt, wondering whether she should have done more. Unable to stop asking questions, Annie finds herself drawn into a life that has derailed. Pursuing the mystery of Libby’s illness threatens to derail her own life, as well.

About the author:
Colorado native, OR nurse, and author of The Mad Hatter’s Son, Helen Starbuck lives in Arvada, Colorado, and has written stories since junior high. She loves mysteries, thrillers, and books involving strong women. Following the adage to “write what you know,” she writes her mysteries from the perspective of Annie Collins an OR nurse.

Available now at Amazon.

New Release: The Woman in the Camphor Trunk by Jennifer Kincheloe

Jennifer Kincheloe’s new novel, The Woman in the Camphor Trunk, is coming to bookstores November 14th from Seventh Street Books. It is the sequel to her award-winning debut, The Secret Life of Anna Blanc.

In early-1900s Los Angeles–an era of courting, ragtime, suffragettes, and widespread corruption–a socialite turned police matron tracks down the murderer of a white woman in Chinatown, while trying to prevent the outbreak of a bloody tong war.

About the author:
Jennifer Kincheloe is the author of The Secret Life of Anna Blanc and The Woman in the Camphor TrunkThe Secret Life of Anna Blanc is the winner of the Colorado Gold Award for mystery and the Mystery and Mayhem Award for historical mystery. The novel was also a finalist for the Macavity Sue Feder Historical Mystery award, Left Coast Crime “Lefty” Award, and Colorado Authors’ League Award for genre fiction. Formerly, Dr. Kincheloe was the principal of a health consulting firm and a member of the research faculty for the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. She currently does research on the jails in Denver, Colorado.

Available for pre-order now at Tattered Cover and Amazon.