Upcoming Release: Rat Race by Becky Clark

Sisters in Crime – CO member, Becky Clark is happy to announce the upcoming release of Rat Race, a Sugar Mill Marketplace Novella. Rat Race releases March 23rd and is available for preorder.

A stolen gift. A shocking truth. Dena smells a rat.

Dena Russo has it all: a satisfying life in Santa Fe with her best friend Georgia by her side, no shortage of fun, and even a speed dating escapade under their belt. But at Thanksgiving dinner with friends and Dena’s adult daughter Charlee, Dena agrees to design a scavenger hunt for Georgia’s 72nd birthday the next day. When Georgia’s birthday gift is revealed, everyone is shocked, even Dena and Charlee who hid it.

As Dena and Charlee dig deeper, they uncover friends with ulterior motives, a passel of middle-aged mean girls, and a laboratory full of rats.

With her reputation and everything she loves about her life in Santa Fe at stake, Dena must figure out what really happened with Georgia’s gift. Will Dena sniff out the truth before she is shunned completely?

If you like the funny, cozy Mystery Writer Mysteries starring Charlee Russo, then you’ll love the Sugar Mill Marketplace Mysteries starring her mother, Dena Russo. RAT RACE is the novella that bridges both series.

If you like characters you’d like to hang out with, amateur sleuths solving crimes, and light-hearted cozy mysteries, get your paws on Becky Clark’s 99c RAT RACE, the short read that kicks off the Sugar Mill Mystery series … today! 

Rat Race on Amazon www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BYBXXXR8

To continue the fun, preorder the first three books in the Sugar Mill Mystery Series on Amazon (www.amazon.com/dp/B0BYC88CCM)