Upcoming Release: Defcon by Michele Packard

Sisters in Crime-CO member Michele Packard is pleased to announce the upcoming release of her latest book Defcon in her AESOP thriller series. Defcon releases April 7th.

America’s top operative, Matti Baker, is launching an all out war in this fast-paced, psychological, political thriller.

There is one quality that is unique to the human species…GREED.

Baker is enlisting the help of the President and her team in this fight against individual and corporate conspiracies and greed as they target her for the destruction of a virus that could solve the world’s health concerns. Baker is sacrificing all and doing what others are unwilling to do. The target is on her back. No more cancer, no more diabetes…if she can stay alive long enough to reproduce her genesis. She’s serving justice.

Freedom comes at a cost and the payment is Matti Baker as she launches her own version of DEFCON.

The countdown has started.

DEFCON is a multi-layered, heart-pounding, realistic thriller in the ongoing AESOP series.

Amazon: DEFCON