Upcoming Release: Robbers and Cops by George Cramer

Robbers and Cops releases November 1st.

Robbers and Cops is the story of two downtrodden Steinbeckian characters, their descent into criminality, and the determined efforts of law enforcement to bring them to justice. – As reviewed by Love To Read

A fascinating odyssey of complex characters-robbers and cops that spans five decades in its telling. Imagine if Elmore Leonard had written The Grapes of Wrath, tossed in a dash of The Naked and the Dead, and finished up morphing into a pure Joseph Wambaugh police procedural. Do yourself a favor and pick up Robbers and Cops by George Cramer. It’s a sure-fire, can’t-put-it-down winner. – Michael A. Black, Amazon bestselling author as A.W. Hart, and the Trackdown series under his own name Devil’s VendettaDevil’s BreedDevil’s ReckoningChimes at Midnight, and Blood Trails.

Outstanding! An intriguing game of cat and mouse between a pair of bank robbers and multiple law enforcement agencies over the course of decades. Deftly plotted and effortlessly shifting between decades, Robbers and Cops is a page-turning suspense novel and a nuanced character study. Al Smith is a competent, tenacious, and flawed police detective who is worth rooting for. The police work is authentic, and the Bay Area setting is as perfectly drawn as a sunset over the Golden Gate. George Cramer is at the top of his game. Highly recommended. – Sheldon Siegel. NY Times Best Selling Author of the Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez novels.

A brilliant police procedural covering four decades of criminal behavior and the cops that ended it. The story follows the Tucker brothers, who had a penchant for robbing banks. The Tuckers hone their criminal skills and sibling love, whether in the chain gangs of Georgia during the depression or in military service in WWII. The reader will find the brothers almost likable and know their crime spree will eventually end. – Alec Peche – Author of the popular Jill Quint, MD, Forensic Pathologist Series

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