Upcoming Release: The Code by Ann Dominguez

Dr. Kate Deming has spent four brutal years working in a Chicago ER, swinging back and forth from tragedy at work to guilt for what she’s missing at home. The prescription is a new job that will allow more time with her growing daughters: an eight-year-old wannabe pirate planning to run away to the high seas, and a twelve-year old expert in eye-rolling and sarcasm who is the star of her middle school’s new Code Breaking team. 

When a sophisticated ransomware attack paralyzes the hospital’s electronic medical record, the hospital pinpoints Kate’s computer as the electronic gateway. She thinks it’s a misdiagnosis until the FBI raids their apartment and arrests her husband, whose home tech support now appears all but benign. 

Meanwhile, her daughter’s classmate overdoses to get away from a sextortion scheme that her daughter knows too much about.  

Can Kate crack the code before another child gets hurt? 

The Code, Book 3 in the Kate Deming Suspense series, will be released on October 7, 2022, and is available for pre-order now.