Eight Weeks to a Complete Novel by Becky Clark

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Want to speed up your writing process and complete a top-notch novel in only two months?

Do you stare at your computer screen, unable to make progress on your word count? Do you feel like all you do is spin your wheels when you sit down to write? Do you talk about your novel more than you work on it? Are you discouraged because of your slow progress? Does the idea of writing a novel seem impossible and daunting?

If you’ve thought any of this, then Eight Weeks to a Complete Novel might be exactly what you need. How?

• By showing you how to create a flexible outline you can live with, even if you hate outlines with an intensity usually reserved for walking into a spider web.
• By teaching you tips and tricks to speed up your writing each and every time you sit down to work on your novel.
• By helping you organize yourself and your writing space.
• By coaching you to devise your own unique, reliable system to get you from premise to THE END in eight short weeks, every single time.

Eight Weeks to a Complete Novel offers solid information in an entertaining, easy-to-digest form, leaving you confident and optimistic with new skills and ideas to make your writing dreams come true.

Career writers must produce completed novels at a dizzying speed, and you can learn the secret to joining their ranks, by adapting the Eight Weeks formula to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Don’t waste another minute! Learn veteran author Becky Clark’s tried-and-true techniques to become the confident, prolific writer you’ve always dreamed of. Buy Eight Weeks to a Complete Novel now!

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