Publication News: Francelia Belton & Amy Drayer

Red Riding in the Hood in Bizarre Bazaar anthology

“Red Riding in the Hood” by Sisters in Crime-Colorado member, Francelia Belton, was published in Bizarre Bazaar by Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers on September 1, 2022

“When Malina found out about Mr. Wolfe’s intentions towards her grandmother, there was only one thing she could do. She hunted him down and stabbed him. Or rather, she tried to. But the old guy was quicker than she gave him credit for.”

Welcome to the Bizarre Bazaar – a collection of seventeen speculative stories that invite and beguile the reader to look at stories new and old in a fresh light. Fairy tales are reborn as science fiction romps. Silly folklore matures with the weight of tradition to approach truth. And ghost stories teach us all we need to know about love. Moving from tale to reimagined tale, these deft transformations are mirrored in our hearts as we become the change we read.

Join the bewitching bazaar as we once again celebrate the best of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Edited by Veronica R. Calisto and Sisters in Crime-Colorado member, Amy Drayer

“Red Riding in the Hood” is a refresh on the Little Red Riding Hood tale, but in this story, Red is the one hunting the Wolf. 

The anthology is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon: