Upcoming Release: Sold Souls – The Devine Devils Book 3 by R Weir

Coming June 1st the riveting third book in the award-winning Divine Devils Series.

Sold Souls: The Divine Devils Book 3

Pre-order Price of $3.99 for the eBook available on Amazon

The brutal world of human trafficking

Underage children bought, sold, and sexually abused by their deviant owners

Victims traded, used up, and spit out as if their lives were meaningless

A lethal adversary approaching The Divine Devils with a proposition

Locate and free her sister from the tortured, abusive shackles of being trafficked

Hiring The Divine Devils to assist in tracking her down

Hunter and his team fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves

Infiltrating the heart of the intricate web this organization has created

Following a brutal, deadly road to free these Sold Souls

Before they all perish at the hands of their savage masters

Hunter Divine and his team

Willing to move heaven and hell to get results!!

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R Weir

Award-Winning Author

of the Amazon Bestselling Jarvis Mann PI

and Divine Devils books featuring Hunter Divine

You can find information at:

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