Radio Play Production: Amy Drayer


Coming July 2021, Take A Stand Theatre will be staging a murder mystery radio play, Penny Tahlequah and the Ms. Olsen Incident, written by Sisters in Crime-Colorado member Amy Drayer.


Born and raised on Makah Island and born with a nose for news and trouble, Penny Tahlequah finds both when she returns home after an adventure in Los Angeles that goes any which way but right. We join Penny one chilly Makah morning in 1986, live on-air calling the infamous July 4th hydroplane races.

The fireworks start even before the boats put in, and the big one goes off only minutes after the race starts – when the renowned Ms. Olsen goes up in a ball of smoke and flame. The real action heats up when Penny’s cousin is accused of sabotaging the boat and murdering the driver.

Now, it’s a race against time as Penny scours Makah for clues to prove he’s innocent and catch the real killer. It won’t be easy, but that wouldn’t be any fun. Listen live as Penny wades through colorful local characters on her hunt for the truth. She’ll get her man – but will she get her woman, too?

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