Publication Deal: Patricia Raybon

Patricia Raybon Gets 3-Book Offer from Tyndale

Talk about an early Christmas present. Patricia Raybon got a 3-book offer from Tyndale House Publishers for her first fiction — a historical mystery romance series, with Book One due to be published next fall.

The story follows a young Black theologian who becomes an amateur detective when her father is murdered and the police won’t solve the crime. Set in the 1920s in Colorado when the Klan ruled the state, the story finds Patricia’s young protagonist battling mostly with herself. Who is she? Where’s she headed in life? Why was her estranged dad murdered? Why is high society part of the complex answer? Her questions drive the plot in a story offering crime, love, self-discovery and theological wrestling in a time of social challenge and change.

Patricia’s agent, Greg Johnson of WordServe Literary, brokered the deal with Tyndale, putting Patricia on the fiction side of a house that published three of her nonfiction books, two of them best-sellers. A former journalist at the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News, Patricia taught newspaper journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder for 15 years and now writes full-time. Join her on the journey at