New Release: Shopping Cart Annie by Cordy Fitzgerald

New Release:  Shopping Cart Annie by Cordy Fitzgerald

Excerpt from Kirkus Reviews-: “…In 2009, Denver native Dr. Inez Buchanan, a former middle school teacher doesn’t know Dolly David, who shows up at her door, saying that she needs Inez’s help finding her granddaughter. (After all, Inez once played a part in thwarting a Chinese espionage plot.) Dolly says that her granddaughter, Kadija Campbell, disappeared 14 years ago in Fort Collins, Colorado, and would now be in her mid-30s. She now has reason to believe that Kadija is in Afghanistan with a Taliban husband, but U.S. government agencies have disregarded her pleas for help…. The author addresses racism as a prominent, ongoing theme; there’s the implication, for example, that an American agency considers people of color, like the African-American Inez, to be expendable. But the richest element of this novel is Inez herself, who’s memorable for her faults as well as her achievements; her conjectures aren’t always accurate and she owns up to her mistakes, which makes her not only a credible character, but a commendable one, as well.

A twisty mystery featuring a bright, if fallible, investigator.”

About the author:
Cordy Fitzgerald has lived longer in Denver than in Washington, D.C., where she was born in 1943. She has two grown sons, a daughter-in-law, a granddaughter, and a Ph.D. in Education Administration. Her life-long love of stories about U.S. spies and espionage activity continue to give her a tremendous pride and confidence in this country.