New Release: The Match by Ann Dominguez

Available now: The Match by Ann Dominguez


It’s the deadliest February on record. Medical student Kate Deming lost her sense of humor somewhere between the prepubescent gang member with a bullet in his head and the battered wife who walked into a doorknob again.  Working nights, Kate hasn’t seen her young daughters for days, and her marriage is on life support.  It’s time to choose where she wants to match for residency, but she’d rather do almost anything than commit to another four years of hell.  Kate’s colleague Jack is the only bright spot in this dark winter, and he’s ready to help her forget all her problems in his bed.

Add to this the sudden reappearance of Kate’s estranged sister Lara, whose lover has just been murdered.  The police eye Lara as their prime suspect, but she thinks he was killed by her lover’s loan shark, who has given her a week to pay the debt before she becomes the next victim.  How far will Kate go to help her sister, and what will be left of her life when she gets back?

The Match is available on kindle, ibooks, Nook and smashwords.

About the author:
Ann Dominguez is a writer, doctor, and mom of four.  She loves to read and run and dreams of finishing a cup of tea before it gets cold.