New Releases: There Was a Crooked Man and Unbalanced by Leann Betts

The second in the By The Numbers series, There Was a Crooked Man, by Leeann Betts, Crooked Man_Finalreleased in November 2015. Carly Turnquist, a forensic accountant with a nose for mystery, joins her husband on a working vacation on a dude ranch in New Mexico – working for him, vacation for her. Before she even gets off the plane, she identifies a suspicious death, and husband Mike knows her mystery sensors are on high alert. At the ranch, Carly amuses herself by looking into a decades-old death, a mysterious note, and the hidden meaning behind an eagle’s feather. When the snowstorm of the century strands everyone on the ranch, and a body turns up, Carly can’t resist getting involved. But can she find the killer before he—or she—puts Carly on ice forever?

The third in the By the Numbers series, Unbalanced, by Leeann Betts, releases January Unbalanced Final with Custom Green31st. Carly Turnquist, a forensic accountant with a nose for mystery, is happily planning her son’s wedding, when she witnesses a bank robbery. The trouble is, nobody else in town saw the robbery. When the story hits the regional news, she is ridiculed and her credibility is called into question, jeopardizing an upcoming trial where she is the star witness. When things look like they can’t get any worse, her husband’s long-lost brother turns up with his young son, then disappears, leaving the son behind. Between her career going down like a lead balloon, caring for a nephew she barely knows, threats of blackmail surround the wedding. Who doesn’t want her to testify, and who doesn’t want the marriage to go ahead?

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About the author:
Leeann Betts, who writes contemporary suspense, is the alter-ego for Donna Schlachter, who pens historical suspense. Both live in Denver, Colorado, spinning wild stories about dead bodies and asking way too many What If? Questions. You can check Leeann out at or