Event: Dr. Laurie Sperry

Dr. Laurie Sperry will be speaking to SinC-Colorado members at our next chapter meeting/event (October 3, 2015). The program description follows.

Let’s Talk Stalking

Laurie Sperry has written amicus curaie briefs that have been read by state supreme courts, testified at trials, gone into prisons to do forensic evaluations, and testified at parole board hearings. Many of the cases she’s worked on involve stalking, sexual offending.

She will discuss stalking in general.  What are the different typologies of stalkers?  If your character was a revenge stalker how would he/she  act?  If he was an incompetent suitor, how would he/she  act? What would a stalker do that would suggest he’s likely to engage in violence as opposed to a non violent offender?

Bring your questions about how to write a compelling stalker situation.

Dr Laurie SperryDr. Laurie Sperry is an Associate Professor in the College of Professional Studies at Regis University. In addition to a PhD, and a degree in Forensic Psychology and Criminology, she is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral Level. She has participated in global outreach and provided services in Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Africa, Saipan, Singapore and has developed a school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Bangalore, India.

In 2006 she was added to the Fulbright Scholarship’s Senior Specialist Roster for Autism. She moved to Australia in 2010 and worked at Griffith University in the Department of Arts, Education and Law. Her research focuses on people with ASD who come in contact with the criminal justice system to ensure their humane treatment within the system. She has served as a Special Interest Group Chairwoman at the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) providing mentoring and leadership in the field of criminality and ASD. She has provided training to secure forensic psychiatric facilities in England and presented at the International Conference for Offenders with Disabilities. She has published numerous articles and was an expert panelist at the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law conference where she spoke on Risk Assessment, Management and ASD.